Day 8 of the WHOLE 30 Challenge



So if you were like me, you spent the summer enjoying whatever foods you wanted, especially poolside treats like ice cream, popsicles, hamburgers, etc. Really, I wasn’t that bad of an eater, but still, I didn’t refrain from much. For our “lazy summer” fix, our gym has chosen to challenge one another by completing the Whole30 Program. This has been a really great way to remove certain foods from our diet and cravings that are not necessary for proper body function and health. The slogan “you can do anything for 30 days” is my daily motto. My arch-nemesis’ “Diet Coke”, Starbucks Hazelnut Frapp’s, ice cream, candy, and dessert (yes–not even able to have Splenda) have been the biggest challenges for me so far! On top of it all, we teachers were expected to begin the challenge on the first full week of school! Terrible timing, however no better time to get your life back together.

I along with my Crossfit family are part an amazing Facebook support group and have spent the last 8 days sharing our meal ideas, victories and triumphs, “confessions” , and encouraging words. No one is perfect in this but we are all getting stronger and more in control of the foods we eat. I for one have been able to say no to diet coke and have only drank black coffee and water for the last 7 days. That’s right, I caved..I got a “small” diet coke at the gas station after work today, it was a LONGGG day.. I deserve a good drink, right? To my surprise, I did not enjoy the taste and I felt pretty guilty after. According to the true WHOLE30 guidelines I would have to start over back to day 1 of the program. Bummer….

dietcoke WHole30


However, we have set this plan up for 30 days with a small forgiveness margin and I can’t wait to continue this journey, 22 days to go. Hopefully, I will lose some inches, lose some cravings for junk food, and feel the difference in my performance in the box. Give it a try, check out the above website, it is loaded with information and recipes. Have a great afternoon! Stay healthy!